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Private coaching
is available for any administrator or teacher who feels more comfortable with a one-on-one approach. One-on-one coaching allows for intensive support and results in valuable change.

Imagine a school filled with highly skilled professionals, all using common strategies to engage students.This creates a powerful environment! There are hundreds of good teachers and a few great teachers. Committing resources to increase staff and teachers' skills will improve student learning. Here are a few in-services that can help to make your good teachers GREAT!

All workshops can be tailored to your time frame, goals, and budget.

Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers
Based on the new strategy book, Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers, this workshop allows teachers to incorporate new teaching ideas into their already wonderful lessons. Teachers often don’t have enough time to just sit down and find a few new ideas to recharge the students and themselves. They will quickly understand how easy it is to use this new teacher resource and begin using the strategies well after the workshop is over.

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Ignite Your Passion For Teaching
Teachers with a passion for their job are more effective. They are hungry for new ideas, fun to be around, and bring a wonderful energy to the classroom that sparks excitement to the entire school community. This passion is contagious; other teachers and the students can just feel it, hear it, see it, experience it, and want to experience it.

This workshop allows the participants to self assess and discover or rediscover their passion for teaching. Ignite that passion and bring that energy back to your school.

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No More Excuses, Just Great Teaching Tools:
Creating Strategic Learners
Are your students prepared for the 21st century? It’s a new world and the demands of our youth are much different than just a few years ago. The skills needed to make it in the world are much more advanced and the demands on our schools are greater. No need to panic! – but you do need to be concerned. Students can gain many of these skills through a simple shift in thought and restructuring the lesson plan. This workshop gives the teachers the tools that they need to create 21st century learners.

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Don’t Go It Alone - One Oboe Can’t Play A Symphony

Teaching can be a lonely job, with teachers tucked into their classrooms playing their own tunes. Schools, like symphonies, need the individual strengths of their players, but the overall beauty and success is measured by how well they work and play together. The reality is that two or more brains are better than one. Exciting curricula for students can originate from team building. A staff that collaborates can be amazingly productive. This synergy will make for a wonderfully productive and happy school environment. This workshop helps your staff get in tune so they can work and play like a team.

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Mentoring - The New, The Brilliant and the Crabby

The new teacher is unsure, the brilliant teacher feels devalued and the crabby teacher is just burned out. What can schools do? Mentoring! We mentor our students, but often overlook the value of mentoring our teachers. According to NEA, 20% of all new hires leave teaching within 3 years and 30% within 5 years. Mentoring can help change this staggering statistic. Productive, happy employees go the extra mile for the students. Invest in your teachers today!

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Create Your Own - Build Your Own Workshop
No two schools have the same needs, and the solutions and strategies can be different. Marko & Associates will assess your school and customize a workshop for you.
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Available Workshops

Classroom Strategies for
   Dynamic Teachers

Rediscover Your Passion
  for Teaching

No More Excuses, Just Great   Teaching: Creating Strategic

Don’t Go It Alone – One
  Oboe Can’t Play A Symphony

Mentoring - The New,
  The Brilliant and the Crabby

Create Your Own - - Build Your
  Own Workshop


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