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SMART Board Training

  SMART Board  
SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards
engage pupils' different learning styles, whether visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. Similarly, pupils with special educational needs can simply touch the surface to manipulate objects without the fine motor skills required to operate a mouse or digital pen.
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SMART Board Training
Jane is master certified to train teachers in the use of the SMART Board as a teaching tool. She will come to your school and train your teachers to effectively and efficiently use the board for maximum results. This training is much more than just training the use of the board. It introduces teachers to actively using the board to guide students to critical thinking.

Contact Jane personally to arrange SMART Board training at your school.

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Downloadable Notebook Lessons
Please take a moment to review our free downloadable Notebook lessons.

Soil Lesson
This Notebook lesson uses Word Sort, Word Wizard, and Summary Write.

Making tracks inner conversation
This Notebook lesson has lifted text for young readers.
The file is used to model Making Tracks in Your Reading.

Anticipation Guide
A template for the before reading strategy Anticipation Guide.

Summary Reflect Predict
A template for the before reading strategy Summary Reflect Predict

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Jane Elizabeth Marko


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