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Book Overview

Why every teacher needs this book:
• Thirty innovative and effective strategies teachers can use
   today – a clear and concise guide to easy lesson planning
• Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to prep, explain, model, guide, and practice
• Suggested applications and examples
• Many strategies enable student interaction a key skill the for the 21st century learner
• Clearly designed professional templates to copy
• Lays-flat coil binding for easy reference in the classroom

• Personal tips for success from the authors

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Introducing a sensational new book that no teacher should be without!
Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers by Mary Anne Medo and Jane Elizabeth Marko

Excerpts from "Classroom Strategies for Dynamic Teachers"
   Download sample Excerpts for review (PDF)
   • Contents (20 kb)
   • Character Quotes (76 kb)
   • Word Wizards (72 kb)
   • Flip Flop Review
(72 kb)
   • Reciprocal Questioning (72 kb)

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Teaching Tips
Teaching Tips....from Jane and Mary

Jane says:
I have a class list and I ask one student to be the recorder and mark each name as I call on the students. I often pick a less attentive student to be the recorder and I love how focused that student becomes. As the lesson continues, I occasionally turn to the recorder and ask whom I have not called on recently.

I also create a pattern in my head for calling on students. I might call on all the students sitting in the east position of the table. Next, I call on the students sitting in the west position and continue with north and south, until all the students have shared. This appears random to the students, but I know exactly who has participated.

Mary says:
At the beginning of the school year, give each student an index card. Ask them to print their name on the top. Below that have them write these things: address, phone number, who they live with – name and relationship, birthday, favorite _____.

Use these index cards to get everyone involved in class discussions. Shuffle the cards and draw from the top as you ask for student input. This might be to answers questions, state opinions on a topic, give suggestions for class activities…anything.

An added bonus for having the index cards is that they can be used to record parent contact. For example, if you tell a student that you’re going to call home in the evening, take that student’s card home with you. Make the call and on the back of index card, record the date and the gist of the conversation.

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What teachers are saying about this book:

"What a great book! I wish I would have had it my first year of teaching. It is a real "Hands On", get-to-the-point, manual that is so lacking in education these days. No kidding. I just spent the past six months going over many of these strategies in my "Gifted Strategies Class." And to think I could have had it all mastered in a few hours if I had just seen this book a few months earlier."

Patti Lawrimore
Fulton County Schools
Atlanta, GA

"I love the way this book is laid out to provide a concise and easy-to-use guide of innovative strategies that work with every subject. In the busy life of a teacher, any resource that I can read for 10 minutes and instantly incorporate is priceless. This book should be consulted before every lesson plan!"

Lyndee Belanger
Milwaukee Academy of Science
Milwaukee, WI

"An awesome resource for classroom teachers! At last, a well-organized, practical reference guide to a variety of meaningful strategies for extending literacy at all levels. Authors Mary and Jane share wonderful insights based on their many collected years in the classroom with every strategy."

Cheryl Koalska
LA Unified Schools
Los Angeles, CA

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